Pony Ink

Soulful inspirations translated onto natural surfaces for your world, without compromise from concept through to creation

Get Some Gallop...

Cushions | Wall hangings | Tea towels | Stationery

Horses and horizons have always had a special place in my heart. It’s like I feel their freedom and beauty, and am compelled to pass that on.
I am delighted to be launching this new line, to share some of that feeling broadly, and hopefully deliver a good gallop to some happy homes.
— Laura Douglas

Our Belief

We believe there is never a loss without a gain, no get without give, no pain without gain, swings and round-abouts and all the rest. 

We believe in doing the right thing, using a moral compass to guide things, working hard, and doing our best.

We believe you get what you pay for. And we pay for ethical, upright, and clear conscience production.

These values are at our very core, and carry right through to our specially crafted wares.

We believe it is all part of our pony, our Inky Pony's gallop to create quality, horse-inspired products for man, woman and child, imbued with that true, honest goodness.


Originality & Quality

Originality is paramount. Creativity wears a crown. And natural, honest, quality reigns su-queen.

We use only the finest quality materials, and are committed to less, rather than more.

Natural fibres bring natural beauty, and we work only in natural fibres. 

Our products are designed to add a flash of original to your world, and lift your heart at the same time.

We love the unique imperfections offered by natural fibres, and just like freckles on noses, we embrace every single one.

We put product over profit, and go out of our way to make sure you squeal with delight when you unwrap your Pony Ink wares.

Clear Conscience

Created without compromise is imperative to our brand.

One way we can do this is to have our products, meaning each and every part of them, made right here in Australia.  We are constantly working to find ever more 'Aussie' materials, but in a world quite slowly returning to on-shore production, some parts are a little hard to find... like amazing Australian grown cotton, that is actually milled in Australia.

Another way we can create without compromise is to support supporting local artisans, at home and abroad. Those cultures who are makers, and who make from the heart, and whose welfare conditions we can personally vouch for, and who we pay well. We are all for that too. 

Rest assured we are wholly dedicated to making without compromise, and create our products around the best materials available, rather than the other way around. It's our way of making sure one of our most crucials is always covered—creating a beautiful, quality, horse-inspired product, with heart and a clear conscience.

We believe all things have life. We believe in the cycle of life. We believe in the balance of our world. We believe that nature was created perfectly to begin with. We believe in preserving the balance and exercising rationality.

We use real leather from real cattle and sheep and goats, who have fed real people. We use real recycled paper which came from real trees who once swayed in the breeze, and real cotton and flax from a living, breathing, feeling plant, which once lived also.

We believe that life extends to all things. We know we too will die one day, but wish to live our lives big and well and brightly, and by our beliefs.

We pay real people real money to make sure these materials are beautifully created, and that they are safe and happy working as hard as we work.

We believe in the cycle, and we give thanks for all the elements and energies and makings of each and every part of our product. We don’t try and remake the nature wheel—we celebrate it. We are all for balance and not at all for wastage. We are grateful all these parts can come together in a beautiful object made without wastage or compromise, and live on happily in your home—a beautiful homage to the beauty of life.
— Pony Ink