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Ever inspired by the majesty of the horse, our lead designer (and mare) Australian equine artist Laura Crane (formerly Douglas) presents translations of her equestrian experiences, inspired by her travels across Australia and around the globe through a beautiful range of Pony Ink products.

From cotton bandanas and tea towels, cards and posters, through to sumptuous silk scarves, the range of Pony Ink gently grows as we look to offer you more inky ponies, from our world to yours.

The Pony Ink stable, is committed always to offering:

  • genuine, original creative on the best available quality for an achievable priced product, created in good social and environmental conscience 
  • an enriching experience and welcoming sense of community
  • always more give than take
  • honesty, kindness, fairness and our best
We hope you join us in our tromp, as we, led by Laura, gallop the globe collecting imagery of inspirations and encounters along the way; and hope these everyday pieces bring joy to your world, every day.